First Baptist Church of Orlando sponsored the 13 pilot program schools which started in August 2011. Thanks to a grant from Orlando Kiwanis Foundation which was matched by McCoy Federal Credit Union, Florida Hospital, Magruder Foundation, and private donors, the Love Pantry program expanded into 17 additional schools for the Spring 2012 semester. In the fall semester of 2012, fourteen more schools were added to the program, bringing the total number of participants to 53 schools. Other sponsors include the Orlando Sentinel Family Fund, WACX-TV/Super Station 55, Maitland Mens Club, Wells Fargo, Just In Queso Foundation and Universal Studios. The Walmart Foundation donated $100,000 to the Love Pantry project in Spring 2012 and, then in Spring 2014, renewed their commitment to feeding hungry children with a $60,000 sponsorship.

The Foundation for Orange County Public Schools’ sponsorship of the Kid’s Closet Love Pantry allows access to an emergency food supply for all Orange Public County School students in need. During the Spring 2012 semester, the OCPS Foundation expanded the Love Pantry with their sponsorship of seven schools identified with high homeless populations. Now, the Kid’s Closet Love Pantry will provide a central location accessible to all OCPS social workers or designated homeless school coordinators throughout the county.

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