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Rock Lake Beavers go from “D” to “C”

This morning I got a call from one of my parents about how her 3 children did this school year and possible retention. She didn’t have the money for bus fare to the school and was hoping we could help her via the telephone. After the academic conversation, and knowing that the family had been experiencing homelessness, I asked if we could help her with food or toiletries. She explained that she was feeding her 5 children the last can of chicken noodle soup and did not know where she would find anything for them for dinner.

My Love Pantry coordinator packed up a box of food/personal items, and she and I drove to the apartment complex where the family was now living with her mother and brother. While the Mom shyly told us that the 3 adults in the household had not eaten in 4 days so that the children would be able to share what little food was in the cupboard. We had to strongly encourage the grownups to eat some of the food we brought from the Love Pantry so they would have the stamina needed to care of 5 children.

The family was so happy and thankful to be able to put food out for their children (they have no tables, chairs, or beds) but my coordinator and I felt truly blessed to have the resources from the Love Pantry to support one of our families in need.

Thank you, Love Pantry, for allowing us to help feed our Rock Lake Beavers. Because of thoughtful and dedicated people like you, Rock Lake Elementary moved from the school grade of “D” to a “C” this year.


Lynne Wassatt


Rock Lake Elementary

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