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Thief breaks into home, but Love Pantry helps soothe the pain

theifA father came in to school to report that their home had been broken into a few times within the past month.  As a result they were set back financially and were worried about not being able to buy food, or keep up with their monthly bills.  He wasn’t sure what to do and was very distraught.  While I wasn’t able to completely solve the family’s problems, but it was certainly a huge help to be able to offer emergency food for the family while they worked to get back on their feet.  The father expressed gratitude that we offered the Love Pantry, as they would have been unable to reach a food pantry otherwise due to their lack of gas money and transportation issues.

We are very thankful for our Love Pantry support!

Kimberly Beckler

Engelwood School Counselor

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