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Love Pantry aids Angel Tree for Christmas

untitledWe’ll have a big order this time around–we had a lot of families on our Angel Tree this year (twice as many as ever before) and we’re sending home food from the Love Pantry with them, as well. It’s also raising awareness of the pantry’s availability–2 of the parents today teared up over the gifts, and then outright cried when I handed them bags of food to help with the kids’ lunches and breakfasts during the week next week.

One parent said, “I try so hard never to ask for help, but I just knew we couldn’t afford to get anything for the kids for Christmas with the car breakdown costing over $800 to fix last month. I never dreamed that not only would we be able to give them something to unwrap on Christmas morning, but now I don’t have to worry about them having something in their bellies every morning and afternoon while I’m at work next week. This is such a huge blessing. Thank you, thank you!”

Whitney Brandt

Parent and Community Relations

Cornerstone Charter Academy

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