The Love Pantry helps another family…

bear lakeWe have a family of 3 kids who are homeless at the moment. They sometimes stay at a hotel that only has a microwave. We are able to give them food from the Love Pantry because it all can be cooked using a microwave. The food they received was most likely the only food they had those days. The little girl, who is in fourth grade, told her teacher, “I’m so happy when I see the bags with food here for me!”

Bear Lake Elementary Love Pantry Coordinator

From a Millennia Elementary School Counselor…

milleniaIt is difficult to put into words how much the Love Pantry blesses families at Millennia Elementary. Without it, children and their parents would be hungry and distressed. No longer do we have to struggle finding ways to provide for them with the Love Pantry on our campus. The food items and personal hygiene products are now readily available to families in need.

One family in particular lives in a hotel room with six children. The mother is disabled and the father struggles to find work every day as a construction worker. On a good day, he fills in as a temporary builder. With your generous gifts of food to this family, the children are nourished and come to school satisfied and able to learn.

Your mission and goal of providing food and hygiene products for our children continues to ease the minds of many Millennia families who are experiencing difficult times. You also help those of us who care so deeply for these precious children. Thank you again for serving ALL of us at Millennia Elementary School. May the Lord continue to bless your efforts as you bless others.

In him,

Mrs. Patti Gordon

School Counselor

John Young Elementary

john young bannerWe have a family at our school with seven children.  The family struggles to have the necessities to carry on everyday life.  One parent is working and the other is not due to caregiving of the children ages ranging from 2 through 16.  We have provided food for this family out of our Love Pantry and they are very grateful for help received.  I have given them the community resource information for assistant to see if there is any other help that can be provided.  These parents are good people on hard times.  They wanted me to express their thanks for all.

Donna Neubauer, John Young Elementary Love Pantry Coordinator