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Winegard Love Pantry Dedication

Winegard dedicationA dedication of the Love Pantry at Winegard Elementary School was held to honor this most recent expansion of the project. Winegard’s Love Pantry is being sponsored by First United Methodist Church of Orlando’s End Childhood Hunger Task Force. The dedication is representative of the long-term support of the Center by First United Methodist Church of Orlando, as they were one of our founding churches back in 1971. The efforts behind this latest partnership was spearheaded by Lora Gilbert, OCPS Sr. Director, Food and Nutrition Services. Pictured here is (left to right) Antwanette Jones, Winegard Love Pantry In-School Coordinator and Guidance Counselor, Lora Gilbert, Terrilyn Jackson, Winegard Assistant Principal, Robert Stuart, Executive Director of the Christian Service Center, Marguerite and Kofi Ghartey, community volunteers.

The Love Pantry is removing hunger as a barrier to learning now at Winegard Elementary School and 65 other schools in Central Florida.

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