client stories, Love Pantry

No child should go hungry when the Love Pantry is there to help.

A story about oLovePantry Green cropped tight with taglinene of our Love Pantry recipients:

Tina is a sweet, shy student who always tries her best and is as respectful as anyone could be toward peers and adults on campus. For a few days, she was more reserved than normal and wasn’t really showing any desire to participate or be part of class. The teacher discreetly asked what was going on, and she said “nothing.” A little later, the teacher asked again and this time she replied, “I’m hungry. I didn’t have breakfast because no one was home this morning when I got up. Mommy had to go to work really early. She works really hard, but doesn’t make a lot of money. There was nothing to eat.” Her teacher knew that the Love Pantry was available, and she got her some food that day. Tina came back the next day appreciative and has been back to herself ever since. Tina’s mom was told about all of the Love Pantry’s resources and she was equally appreciative for the help when they were in a bind.

Way to be there Love Pantry!

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