Wonderful words from an in-school coordinator

We received this testimonial from Judy, a Love Pantry in-school coordinator. It is truly an amazing blessing to see how the Love Pantry has affected lives of our community.

“The Love Pantry has not only been a true blessing for so many of our students and their families, but it has provided me with many more nights of peaceful sleep. It is true. I know people say you can’t take it home with you, but in actuality, if you know you have families that are going without food—you can’t not take it home. When I see the absolute relief on the faces of our families when they know they have food, I feel the same relief. A million thanks would never be enough to express what a blessing the Love Pantry truly is.”

Thank you, Judy and all of those who continue to be involved in helping the Love Pantry project grow.

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