Christian Service Center, Love Pantry

The language of love is universal.

To the Love Pantry at Christian Service Center,

I am a volunteer who has observed first hand the success of the Love Pantry. I am writing this letter to you to express the appreciation of several Haitian families. They mostly speak Creole and have extremely limited English skills. Despite this barrier, their children are among the top, most successful readers at our school.

I want to tell you about two young women who both appear to be in their second-trimester of pregnancy. Their older children are in the younger grades at school, and the women are always seen together, apparently pooling their resources to watch each other’s children. They are very both very shy and hesitantly approached the Community Resource Teacher asking for food. They were given protein food items and cereal. They were genuinely in need and were so appreciative.

Another woman who came for food, I will call her “B” from her son’s first name. She represents a family of 6. “B” has tried to volunteer with the ADDitions program at school, but the system can’t register and verify her because she has no social security number or valid Florida Drivers License, even though she has presented a valid green Visa card. The family lacks transportation. She came to the Community Resource Teacher, appearing to be very tired and sweaty, saying she had to walk a long way. She was given bags of food that she put into a stroller. Upon receiving the food, she threw her arms around the resource teacher saying, “Thank you! Thank you!”  The next day she came back again to show her appreciation, especially of the bags of beans and rice saying, “It is so good and makes such a big pot of food.”

I am sorry I can’t be more precise about the description of each family’s situation. Their limited English makes it hard to communicate, but the language of love is universal. Please keep the Love Pantry project going because the need is so great, and those who receive are so grateful.

Thank you, Love Pantry, for responding to the needs of our community.


Patricia – a volunteer

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