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Love Pantry Goes Back to School!

Children who are hungry struggle to learn – it’s a proven fact. School is back in session with the Love Pantry ready to help feed hungry children. Since the Love Pantry project began in 2011, over eight thousand family members have received food and hygiene items, plus valuable community resource information available in each of the 39 Love Pantry schools. “When I first approached First Baptist Orlando with a funding request for putting a food supply directly into schools, I had no idea the program would be this successful,” commented Executive Director Robert Stuart.

The Foundation for Orange County Public Schools’ sponsorship of the Kid’s Closet Love Pantry will allow access to an emergency food supply for all Orange Public County School students in need. During the Spring 2012 semester, the OCPS Foundation expanded the Love Pantry with their sponsorship of seven schools identified with high homeless populations. Now, the Kid’s Closet Love Pantry will provide a central location accessible to all OCPS social workers or designated homeless school coordinators throughout the county.

OCPS Homeless Education Program Specialist Christina Savino said, “The Kids’ Closet Love Pantry will provide a valuable resource for schools that are not traditionally looked upon as having a need, yet are identifying students experiencing homelessness within their own classrooms. The Kids’ Closet Love Pantry has the capacity to reach more students and schools than ever before. We are excited to be a part of this awesome effort!”

First Baptist Church of Orlando sponsored the 13 pilot project schools which started in August 2011.

Other generous sponsors of the Love Pantry project include:
Cathedral Church of St. Luke
Florida Hospital
Foundation for Orange County Public Schools
Just In Queso Foundation
Lake Silver Elementary School Foundation
Magruder Foundation
Maitland Men’s Club
McCoy Federal Credit Union
Orlando Kiwanis Foundation
Orlando Sentinel Family Fund
Universal Studios
WACX-TV/Super Station 55
Wells Fargo
And generous individuals like you!

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