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Can you imagine being 10 years old and hiding food under your bed so you could have something to eat?

This story was reported recently by a Love Pantry In-School Coordinator:

We had a situation at our school where a child confided to her teacher that she was hoarding food under her bed. Her extended family had recently moved in, and there were now 13 people living in the house. Finances were very tight. There was no money to buy the groceries needed to feed that many people. This student didn’t know if she was going to have anything to eat, so she was keeping food items under her bed, just in case.

When a family member came to school to pick her up, we were able to pack a couple of bags of groceries for them from the Love Pantry. The change was instantaneous. It took her fear away.

For a child, the fear of not knowing if they’re going to eat makes it very difficult for them to do homework, or study for FCAT. If you can remove that fear of hunger, then it allows the student to do what we as teachers need for them to do on an educational basis.

The Love Pantry is here for emergency use, just like in the case of that child who was saving food because all the relatives had moved in. I take for granted that I’m going to eat dinner when I go home at night. A child saving food and keeping it under their bed: that’s about fear.

The Love Pantry is removing hunger as a barrier to learning.

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