Removing hunger as a barrier to learning in the New Year!

Just like that, it’s 2019 and school is back in session. Unfortunately, for many students and their families in Central Florida, hunger and homelessness are harsh realities they face daily. But there is hope! Thanks to dedicated sponsors and school staff, the Love Pantry is available during school hours at participating public schools to alleviate childhood hunger and food insecurity while pointing their families toward longer-term solutions.


This time has been hard for us, but knowing that we have the support of the nice people at Washington Shores Elementary and the Christian Service Center that has really made a difference in our lives. I won’t forget the kind gestures shown to us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Parent at Washington Shores Elementary

I am a single parent of three and I am so thankful for the (Love) Pantry. I lost my job and it has been a real struggle, and I am so grateful for this. I am filled with joy to know that my kids will be able to eat.

Parent at Lockhart Elementary